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Joy Homebuyers Reviews

“My mom needed to sell her condo as she transitioned to long term care. A friend recommended we call Nathaniel’s company. His team provided fast and courteous service. They gave us the price we were looking for and allowed us to leave the things we did not want. We chose the date that we wanted to close and they were patient with us. It was a tough time for us but Nathaniel’s company made this part of it a good experience."
–Danny S.

“We received a postcard in the mail from Nathaniel. We were a little skeptical at first, but after talking to Nathaniel we understood we were dealing with a professional with years of experience. He took the time to explain the whole process and we were even able to choose what date we wanted to sign the papers on. He gave us a fantastic offer and his team was super friendly.”
–Kevin P.

“I fell behind in my mortgage payments and my house was about to be foreclosed on. I needed a company that could close super fast. I looked at a few companies and decided to go with Nathaniel. Even though I was in a bad situation, Nathaniel was not trying to take advantage. He gave me a fair cash offer that allowed me to save my equity. More importantly, he and his team worked fast and hard to ensure we beat the deadline for auction.”
–Angie N.

“I was looking for a fast turnaround. The house I was selling was under contract with another buyer who could not close at the last minute. I heard about Nathaniel’s company and called. They immediately met with me and gave me an offer on the spot. We closed the transaction the very next day. I could not believe how fast and easy it was.”
–Dimitri P.
“My grandmother needed to sell her house and we found Nathaniel and his team on the internet. They were very nice and answered all of our questions. The offer was super fair and they even allowed us to stay a couple of weeks while our other house was being prepared.”
–Denise A.

"Nathaniel and his team were great. I inherited a house from my mom that needed major repairs. Nathaniel walked me thru the process and I was able to close in a week and they let me leave the stuff in the house I did not want."
–Stephanie C.



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